Magenta Technology’s Echo announces integration with Concierge Booking Platform

London, 29 October 2015

Magenta Technology is pleased to announce the integration of Echo with Concierge, London’s premium booking platform for select corporate private hire accounts.

Owned by Dial-a-Cab, Concierge was developed as an all-encompassing online booking platform particularly for very large customers, who prefer the flexibility of booking transport services from a variety of suppliers.

Concierge only work with private hire firms who have fleets in excess of 100 vehicles and can provide service excellence. For Echo’s private hire customers who qualify, this is a genuinely unique opportunity to gain access to some of the largest and most valuable corporate accounts within the UK – at no additional cost and even less competition.

Concierge provides a very sophisticated service and invoicing process. Corporate clients place a booking through Concierge and, based on a set of rules (depending on the type of vehicle booked, booked journey mileage, time of the day etc.), it is sent through to the relevant private hire supplier(s) on the system until accepted. Once in progress, Echo will constantly update Concierge about the allocated vehicles’ tracking coordinates to ensure the end customer knows where their vehicle is. For completed jobs, Information Management (IM) reports on the journeys are sent to the Concierge platform where corporate clients can access the entire list, check the final details (journey details, job price, waiting time, parking fees included) and approve (or dispute) the final pricing for each job before Concierge actually invoices them.

Matt Borland, Sales Director at Echo commented: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our qualifying customers to gain access to additional premium corporate accounts and deliver the very best possible passenger experience through Echo’s feature rich functionality and dynamic real-time scheduling and dispatch engine. After all, building their business is the most important thing.”

About Concierge and Dial-a-Cab
Dial-a-Cab, with its modern 4-storey office block on the outskirts of London’s financial district and 2,500 drivers, is quite probably the number one radio taxi organisation in Europe.

About Echo
Echo is the real-time scheduling and dispatch platform for private car hire and mini-cab businesses. Designed and delivered by Magenta Technology, the creators of Addison Lee’s Shamrock platform, Echo is second-to-none in delivering the highest on-demand customer service at the lowest cost.

With superior feature rich functionality and our proprietary auto-allocation technology, Echo provides full visibility of every vehicle in real time, ensuring drivers can be punctual, with less waiting time – thereby increasing customer satisfaction, driver earnings and loyalty.

Echo is a division of Magenta Technology.

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