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    the UK's first 'hybrid cars only' minicab service,ACHIEVED 40% GROWTH using our Echo taxi and private hire solution with it's unique auto allocation functionality ABOUT ECHO
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Greentomatocars, the UK’s first ‘hybrid cars only’ minicab service and London’s second largest minicab company, has switched to Magenta Technology’s Echo software — helping it achieve year-on-year growth of more than 40 per cent.

We were confident that the results from the new Magenta scheduler would be good. However they were even better than we had expected.

The Echo tracking solution provides an accurate record and display of the current and historical positioning and status of Lewis Day's vehicles — enabling customer service staff to monitor vehicles and update customers.

After 6 months of using Echo , we are now dispatching over 95% of work automatically, with an extremely accurate customer delay.

Hamish Phillipps, Marketing Maestro of greentomatocars

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What’s new from Magenta

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