An advanced operational platform with a true dynamic, real-time scheduling and dispatch engine that enables you to enhance revenues whilst reducing operational costs. Our taxi dispatch software is trusted by industry leaders.

Auto Allocation Module

saves you money and enables more bookings

Over 20 years of experience in automating operations within navigation-based businesses has allowed us to create a ground-breaking, Intelligent Auto Allocation engine that provides our customers with a significant competitive advantage. It guarantees immediate, more accurate job distribution without the human errors that can occur under building pressure.

Echo private hire dispatch software automatically dispatches up to 97% of jobs and enables the number of dispatchers on duty to be reduced by up to 40%. This allows your company to save driving time, optimise fuel savings and reduce staffing costs delivering bottom line results.

By choosing the fully automatic mode, based on the dynamic real-time scheduling and dispatch engine, the intelligent auto-allocation assigns equal amounts of work to all drivers based on your own customisable settings. Work can not only be shared equally amongst your fleet, but customer service levels can see significant improvement.

“We are now dispatching over 95% of work automatically, with an extremely accurate customer response time (on average we are 2 minutes early for each job) whilst significantly decreasing dead mileage. Quite simply, Echo has enabled us to save money and ultimately take more bookings.”

White Labelled Mobile Apps

let you increase the number of bookings

Echo offers customisable branding on our iPhone or Android mobile passenger apps. We’ll do the branding, publishing, store search optimisation, support and maintenance, to provide you with a truly unique looking app. Echo’s easy-to-use apps will help you increase bookings and make your business more accessible. The user-friendly interface of both our mobile applications and web portal gives your corporate clients and regular passengers a recognisable way to book a car in just a few taps.

The easy to use driver mobile app makes it possible to accept orders and find addresses quickly, saving time for each job. Features such as Job Bidding, Heatmap and shift time scheduling can help to increase retention.

“We are experiencing an increase in bookings of more than 35% coming through our new web portal and smartphone apps for iPhone and Android. Thanks to the Echo platform, we are poised to scale our business volume up by 50 to 100%, which will deliver substantial bottom line results.”

Third Party Integrations

gives you more bookings from partner networks

The team at Magenta are experts in integrating with software partners and have created a number of them in conjunction with external teams. The Echo taxi dispatch software already has a list of integral interfaces with aggregators and booking platforms, including OneTransport, Groundscope, CMAC and CityFleet, providing new opportunities to gain access to additional orders and delivering growth in the fast lane. Whether using our own API or utilising an external API, we are able to manage the process from start to finish, ensuring all stakeholders are happy.

“The Magenta team completed the integration between Echo and Gett in a professional manner and we have developed an excellent working relationship. Echo’s robust technology is now delivering thousands of cars to our clients every month.”

Shared Rides

Automatically group individual journeys into single vehicle Trips

Use Magenta’s exclusive Shared Rides Engine to group together individual journeys into single vehicle multi-stop Trips – increasing vehicle capacity utilization while maintaining service standards.

Create an On-Demand Shuttle Service by using real-time Dynamic Delays combined with the Shared Rides Engine. Offer more cost effective Corporate Travel Solutions for your clients by grouping employee transfers together. Supply better options for transfers of groups of similar customers. The possibilities are endless.

With Magenta’s Shared Rides functionality, you can finally realize the true potential of your fleet capacity. Journeys can be grouped together using various different rules and parameters to suit yours and your customer’s needs. In any case, you can expect significant savings in dead mileage as well as in vehicle availability within your fleet, increasing your capacity to complete more journeys overall while minimizing your costs.

Take a look at how we helped one of the world’s major airlines to streamline their ground transportation network.

“The key reason we selected Magenta, was its autonomous, penalty-based optimiser that allows us to shape the outcome of the scheduler, handle a large number of transactions at one time and allow the controllers to focus on problem solving and customer excellence, rather than manually scheduling every trip.”

Corporate Account Management

gives rich functionality to increase bookings

Echo allows you to work easily with private and corporate clients, which can significantly increase the number of jobs your company handles each day. Your corporate accounts have access to an easy to use Online Booking Portal as well as the ability to switch between Personal and Business Profiles on the fully branded mobile booking app.

Flexible permission management allows you to pass full control of the account management to the account administrator, including reporting, or maintain full control of everything – however you or your clients prefer. Regular invoicing is quick, easy and intuitive and a built in CRM system helps you keep track of everything your corporate clients need.

“Having already successfully worked with Magenta to implement the Shamrock booking solution, we were confident that the initial results from the new Magenta scheduler would be good. However, they are even better than we expected. Our existing car controllers, who have been scheduling mini cabs for over 20 years, are surprised and impressed with the scheduler’s performance, and this is proof in itself of a successful result.”

Easy Migration

allowing you to make changes easily

We know how difficult it can be for companies to move from one system to another. It’s one of the reasons people muddle through with inadequate software for years. At Magenta, we understand that making the leap can be painful – that’s why we spend a lot of time with you discussing and anticipating the problems, the bottlenecks and the chaos that can follow if migration isn’t handled correctly.

The good news is we have exceptional experience in helping companies move to Echo. It’s all about meticulous planning and good communication. We scope projects in minute detail to ensure that the process is as smooth as it can possibly be.

Most of our customers had been using legacy systems such as Catalina, Cordic, Mercury, TaxiMate, LimoAnywhere, Aleph and Groundwidgets for 5+ years, and we have helped them to migrate to our solution without any significant issues or loss of trade.

“The support from Magenta during implementation and the early stages of go live has been exceptional. They have understood our business and our requirements and have worked with us to implement a solution that has made an enormous difference to our costs, performance and service.”


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