Magenta Technology Unveils Game-Changing Innovation: EV Battery Life-Based Auto-Allocation Transforms Fleet Scheduling!

Magenta Technology is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new feature which will be a significant addition to their already state of the art Automatic Allocation Engine: the ability to auto-allocate drivers based on their Electric Vehicle (EV) battery charge. This innovative feature is set to revolutionise dynamic fleet scheduling management, allowing operators to optimise route planning and resource allocation, thereby maximising operational efficiency and sustainability.


Feature Highlights:

  • Optimised Driver Allocation: Echo’s new feature intelligently allocates jobs to drivers with sufficient battery life, ensuring seamless service delivery.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By considering EV battery life in driver allocation, Echo helps operators avoid service disruptions, improving overall operational productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Sustainability: The feature supports the widespread adoption of EVs by addressing range anxiety and promoting efficient utilisation of electric vehicles in fleet operations.

Nadia Temple, Head of Product at Magenta Technology, said, “We are excited to introduce this innovative feature to Echo, as it represents a significant step forward in intelligent fleet scheduling. By extending our automated optimisation capabilities to include driver allocation based on EV battery charge, we are not only enhancing operational efficiency but also promoting the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions.”

Echo’s new auto-allocation feature based on EV battery life is a testament to Magenta Technology’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. It promises to be a game-changer in the fleet management industry, enabling operators to leverage the full potential of electric vehicles while ensuring optimal service delivery and customer satisfaction.


About Magenta Technology:

Magenta Technology is an established provider of end-to-end dynamic real time scheduling and optimisation solutions for ground transportation industry, with 20+ years of experience through work with 350+ customers all over the world, including Emirates Airline, Addison Lee, Terravision, Transdev, AVIS, Carey International and other prominent players of the market.

Magenta’s unique innovative optimisation technology and true real-time, dynamic scheduling and dispatching solutions allow transportation suppliers to provide high quality services whilst maximising capacity and productivity, minimising operating costs and enhancing revenues. Combined ‘booked in advance’ and ‘on demand’ services are continuously optimised to automatically control operations with the minimum amount of human intervention:

  • based on operational priorities of the transportation network (customer service levels vs costs vs fleet configuration);
  • with passengers’ and drivers’ preferences and requirements in mind;
  • with ability to combine separately booked journeys into shared rides, where possible;
  • enabling end-to-end automation of booking management and dispatch processes.

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