Increase your field agent productivity with Magenta’s Mobile Workforce Management Solution. Easily manage field sales representatives, service engineers, inspection staff and other team members working remotely. Efficiently schedule and dispatch assignments, provide accurate ETA to the customers and ensure your team’s productivity on-site by using our mobile workforce application.

Dynamically optimise schedules of assignments

with Magenta’s smart scheduling technology

Allocate tasks to the correct employees based on the type of jobs, their priority, required skill set, maintenance schedules and assigned operational areas.

Enable your field staff to complete more jobs and spend less time driving. Magenta’s mobile workforce management software optimises routes taking into account customer locations, traffic conditions, speed limits, known roadworks, etc.

Quickly respond to emergency jobs

update schedules with just a few clicks

Magenta’ FSM software suggests the best agents to perform emergency tasks, taking into account availability of resources, real-time status of operations and current location of the mobile staff. Our software notifies the relevant field workers about their new jobs by sending updated schedules to their mobile application. Stop wasting agents time, mileage and fuel costs with poor scheduling decisions that do not take all factors into account.

Achieve optimum efficiency in the field

by providing employees with iOS & Android mobile workforce app

Enable your field agents to fully focus on their jobs, and not on resolving logistics issues. The mobile workforce application streamlines communications with dispatchers, optimises job completion on-site and automatically records and sends to the back-office any updates on actual timestamps for arrival on site, departure and other information, helping your field agents become more efficient.

  • Optimised communications with dispatchers
  • Fastest routes to the site with navigation available
  • Automated status updates for your customers
  • Faster job execution through access to checklists and job details
  • Automated data exchange with the back-office and reporting

Have full real-life visibility of operations

monitor your field agents in real-time and get KPI reports

Monitor your mobile workforce’s current location, job status and get live alerts on any delays. Receive proof-of-delivery details sent to the back-office from each site:

  • photos to confirm job has been completed
  • customers’ signatures
  • lists of spare parts used, sales figures, etc.
  • site notes

Get performance and mileage reports, control job execution in ‘planned vs fact’ mode.

Improve customer satisfaction

with accurate ETA notifications and first-class service

Send appointment reminders and confirmations to customers and provide accurate ETA notifications via email or text message. Monitor the service levels through recording the rating of the staff member and completed job.

Get visibility of stock across the operations

by monitoring the usage of repair parts

With the mobile workforce application, employees can update the back-office system on the spare parts used for the job to control the stock and replenish inventory as required.


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