Deliver demand-responsive patient transportation and paratransit services while reducing operational costs and maximising fleet capacity. Magenta’s solution creates an optimised forward-looking schedule across your entire fleet, combines individual journeys into shared- trips where possible, and ensures excellent service levels while accommodating patients’ specific needs.

Continuously optimise your schedule

with Magenta’s unique dynamic automatic allocation engine

Based on the highly configurable logic defined by your team, Magenta’s patient transportation and paratransit scheduling software will automatically assign individual patient journeys and shared-ride runs to the available fleet of vehicles (both your own and/or those of your partners) taking into account the patients’ specific needs, demand for medical staff on board, appointment time, cost of the resources, real-time traffic conditions, last-minute changes in the vehicles’ availability etc.

Magenta’s unique automatic allocation engine will work to drive down your operational costs, ensure the efficient use of your team resources and vehicle utilisation, while reducing mileage, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Maximise your fleet capacity

through consolidation of individual journeys into shared rides

While some patients will need to travel alone or with their carer(s), in many cases there is an opportunity to combine multiple individual journeys within the same vehicle. Magenta allows you to define multiple individual shared-ride restrictions applicable to different groups of patients. it will then use these settings to automatically find viable combinations of individual patient journey requests and allocate them to vehicles, taking into account the currently available passenger capacity of different size vehicles.

This will not only reduce your fleet’s journey time and mileage while completing the same or a larger number of patient journey requests to deliver cost effective operations, but will also improve response times for on-demand and pre-booked patient rides through releasing the hidden fleet capacity.

Dynamically respond to real-time changes

by tracking your fleet in real time and continuously adjusting the schedule

Magenta’s patient transportation management solution enables real-time tracking of drivers and continuously provides live status updates on patient rides. With the schedule fully recalculated every 10 seconds, it is able to register last minute changes and adjust the future ride-to-vehicle allocations accordingly, taking into account any new patient journey requests, crews waiting for their passenger on previously assigned journeys longer than originally expected, vehicles being stuck in city traffic, make-ready times, etc.

This also allows Magenta to dynamically calculate a very accurate response time for any on-demand patient journey requests (as opposed to “static” delays used in other software packages), ensuring better customer service and happier passengers while reducing the workload and operational stress for the staff members in the back-office.

Streamline communicationS with drivers

with Magenta’s user-friendly driver mobile application

Magenta’s user-friendly iOS and Android driver applications enable real-time communication and updates between the solution, office staff and drivers:

  • Tracking data and live status updates on the progress of shuttle rides
  • Calculation of waiting time on stops
  • Built-in messaging between the drivers and the control room
  • Start-of-shift check-lis
  • Navigation using the preferred tool installed on the driver’s device
  • Break requests
  • Shift updates
  • History of completed journeys
  • Day and night modes

Get inside-out visibility and transparency of operations

through Magenta’s powerful visualization & reporting tools

Our Reporting and BI Portals will provide access to the operational data you need, when you need it and in the shape and form you need it. With about 100 pre-defined reports immediately available in the Reporting Portal, you will also have access to the Business Intelligence Portal that offers both pre-defined dashboards with an overview of various aspects of your operations, and ability to build your own table reports, graphs and dashboards. From the dynamics of your operational costs to driver behaviour and current fleet status – any aspect of your operations will be an open book.

Integrate with other IT solutions

and ensure streamlined data transfer

Magenta’s patient transportation management solution has an open API and a team of developers with 20 years of experience in building integrations. This means that if you need Magenta’s solution to work with the other elements of your software infrastructure, it is certainly a possibility. You can either use our open API to link the other systems with it, or we will work together with you to understand the requirements and build the integration from our side.


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