Re-invent your shuttle operations and replace fixed timetables and fixed routes with demand-responsive shuttle services, delivered through the automatic combining of individual travel requests into single multi-stop journeys, and continuous optimisation and adjustment of the created schedule to the currently available vehicle capacity. Use Magenta’s dynamic Shared Rides technology to maximise your shuttle fleet capacity, reduce operational costs and deliver great customer service.

Deliver truly on-demand shuttle services

through combining actual individual journeys into shared rides

Whether it is hotel-to-airport transfers, university shuttle bus services, park-and-ride or patient transfers, fixed routes and timetables are never an optimum way to operate shuttle services for contained environments with variable demand.

Magenta’s dynamic Shared Rides technology enables you to provide the required capacity passenger carriers when they are needed, where they are needed – to maximise the fleet capacity utilisation, eliminate unnecessary fleet mileage and journey time, and provide better customer service delivered to booked pickup times.

Magenta’s consolidation platform will dynamically build and continuously adjust routes and schedule your shuttle fleet based on:

  • the actual incoming on-demand and pre-booked journey requests;
  • ndividual consolidation rules and requirements for different groups of customers and locations, defined around:
    • maximum and minimum number of passengers and luggage on board,
    • extra time on board,
    • pick-up and drop-off time windows,
    • maximum driving times between pick-up and drop-off locations;
  • historical and live traffic updates;
  • priorities for optimisation (reduced mileage vs customer service levels).

Continuously optimise your routes in real time

with Magenta’s unique dynamic automatic allocation engine

The highly configurable optimisation and allocation logic of Magenta’s scheduling solution allows you to automatically assign the dynamically created shuttle service rides to the available fleet of your own vehicles or those of your partners. With the schedule fully recalculated every 10 seconds, Magenta continuously optimises against the currently available fleet capacity, live traffic, new journey requests or any last-minute changes in the vehicles’ availability.

Magenta’s Shared Rides engine will also automatically break up larger trips into smaller ones in real time, if they do not correlate with the now currently available vehicles (eg, your minibus becomes unavailable , but two smaller capacity vehicles can be assigned).

Magenta’s unique scheduling logic allows optimisation across the entire fleet of vehicles, ensuring the maximum efficiency of your resource utilisation, reducing operational costs through minimising mileage and driving time, and ultimately enabling your fleet to complete more journeys with the same or smaller pool of resources.


Provide accurate updates for your passengers

by allowing them to track and see ETA of their assigned vehicle in real time

Magenta’s on-demand shuttle management solution offers easy-to-use intuitive mobile booking applications for your passengers, enabling them to:

  • book their ride in a couple of clicks,
  • receive in-app updates on their journey status,
  • track their allocated vehicle in real time,
  • share this tracking link with their friend and family,
  • rate their completed journeys.

With booking update notifications also available via text messages and emails, passengers with any available level of access to technology will be kept up-to-date on all required aspects of their upcoming and completed journeys in a seamless user experience.


Streamline communication with drivers

with Magenta’s user-friendly driver mobile application

Magenta’s user-friendly iOS and Android driver applications enable real-time communication and updates between the solution, office staff and drivers:

  • Tracking data and live status updates on the progress of shuttle rides
  • Calculation of waiting time on stops
  • Built-in messaging between the drivers and the control room
  • Start-of-shift check-lis
  • Navigation using the preferred tool installed on the driver’s device
  • Break requests
  • Shift updates
  • History of completed journeys
  • Day and night modes

Get inside-out visibility and transparency of operations

through Magenta’s powerful visualisation & reporting tools

Our Reporting and BI Portals will provide access to the operational data you need, when you need it and in the shape and form that you need it. With 100 pre-defined reports immediately available in the Reporting Portal, you will also have access to the Business Intelligence Portal that offers both pre-defined dashboards, with an overview of various aspects of your operations, and the ability to build your own table reports, graphs and dashboards.

Reveal trends in the volumes and costs of your shuttle services, track KPIs related to the dynamics of your operations, detect trends in driver behaviour or spot check the current fleet status – any aspect of your operation is an open book with Magenta’s BI Portal.



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