We help local government teams and companies involved in waste collection processes increase the efficiency of operations and provide better service. Magenta’s all in one solution enables automated route planning for waste collection jobs, optimises billing, management of contracts and landfill operations. All the businesses need to remain profitable and effective.

Plan achievable and cost-effective routes

and manage the dynamics of unforeseen changes in real time with ease

Magenta’s Waste Management software lets you design optimised schedules with unparalleled accuracy and ease. The engine takes into account all parameters from agreed schedules to road information, which allows to create achievable in real life routes.

  • Waste collection schedules
  • Sanitary waste requirements
  • Type of waste container and required vehicle
  • Time needed to perform each job
  • Assigned territories
  • Cost parameters
  • Traffic conditions, roadworks, etc.

The software automatically re-schedules routes in case of any last-minute changes to the jobs details or new ASAP jobs coming in, and updates the drivers on their new itinerary in real time.


Simplify communications with drivers

and gain full route status visibility using the driver mobile application

The Mobile Driver App replaces paper schedules with digital ones, giving drives all the needed information in an easy-to-read and an easy-to-find form. The Mobile App collects the data about everything that is going on the route and sends it in real-time to the dispatcher. That provides full visibility at every stage and ensures effective real-time management.

  • Real-time schedule updates
  • GPS-navigation
  • Photo-capture feature
  • ePOD functionality
  • Collection of data of unforeseen situations: hazardous waste, broken containers, blocked access to the container, missed bin, etc.
  • Data for ‘plan vs fact’ monitoring module sent to the back-office

Control waste collection operations in real-time and via reports

Get performance, actual mileage and service levels data

Control the efficiency of operations through powerful reporting tools. “Plan vs fact” module lets dispatchers monitor operations in real-time and get automated alerts about any deviations from the planned schedule. Reporting module generates data on actual jobs, mileage, drivers’ performance and quality of jobs. All that helps improve efficiency and drive business forward.


Improve the efficiency of waste container inventory control

Keep data about waste inventory updated

Optimise the management of teams, responsible for the inspection of waste containers. The software helps quickly plan inspection jobs, both regular and ad-hoc, simplifies inspectors’ operations on site through mobile apps and enables data transmission to the accounting systems in structured and well-organized form.


Speed up the operations at landfills

and get data about real volumes of hauled out waste

Let your drivers focus on their job and not the organizational issues. The mobile app automatically sends the data from the landfill, such as the volumes of waste delivered, photos, confirming the jobs had been completed, receipts. That eliminates paperwork and phone calls, whilst increasing the transparency of the operations.

Improve customer experience

through optimised communications and quick responses to their requests

Let citizens and commercial customers easily interact with you via Web Portal, where they can leave feedback about the waste collection service. The feedback gets immediately included in the customer service reports.



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