Maximise efficiency of any type of employee transportation operations – from daily commutes to client meetings or late night shifts, whether you operate your own fleet or hire it from 3rd parties. Magenta’s optimisation software schedules rides dynamically incorporating any last minute changes in real time, with an option to combine individual journeys on the same vehicle where possible, to allow for comfortable trips and cost-effective fleet operations.

Reduce the need to access public transport

optimise employee travel by offering alternative means of transportation in COVID-19 era

Corporate carpooling, on-demand shuttles, taxis or a combination of corporate and hired fleet – easily manage any of these with Magenta employee transportation management software. The solution plans efficient travel routes for vehicles with single or multiple individual journeys on board, enables real-time ride tracking,and ensures streamlined communications with passengers and drivers via mobile apps.


Mobile apps and web-services for employees & drivers

let you deliver smarter passenger and driver experience

Let your employees easily book a ride via a user friendly iPhone or Android mobile app or web-portal. Text/push/email notifications will update them on the time of arrival of the vehicle and allow real-time tracking. Allow for different access levels for different employees depending on their role – full ride management, or only cancellation or limited changes, with no right to book new journeys themselves.


Magenta’s highly configurable and user-friendly driver application will keep your drivers updated on the individual ride and shared ride trips they have been allocated, constantly updating the back-office team on their progress. The bidding tool functionality, accessible via the driver app, will allow your extended network of partner drivers to select and complete the overflow rides. Keep in line with health & safety regulations by enabling the driver to go through a check list before the start of their shift. Make sure all your vehicles and drivers hold up-to-date licences and insurance, with the driver applications alerting your drivers on expiring documents, and not allowing them to log in if there are any expired already.


Dynamic route scheduling

optimise employee travel by offering alternative means of transportation in COVID-19 era

Flexibly respond to a constantly changing environment – on demand journey requests, changes of the time or location of the pick-up, real-time traffic conditions, etc. Magenta’s employee transportation software accurately estimates ETAs, re-schedules routes, and notifies drivers about changes in their itinerary.

Shared rides technology

maximise fleet capacity utilisation

Combine individual journey requests into optimised trips based on the business requirements, employees’ personal preferences or dynamics of the available vehicle capacity. Reduce mileage, driving time and CO2 emission levels, and do more with the same or smaller fleet.


Optimized route planning

reduce fuel costs, mileage and driver journey time

Continuously optimise schedule and routes based on the dynamics of the incoming flow of journey requests, real-time traffic status updates, agreed service levels for different groups of passengers, availability of vehicles with different capacity, etc. Magenta employee transportation management software will ensure the most effective allocation of requests based on the preferred selection of parameters.


Real-time tracking and reporting

get insights on where, when and how employees travel

Allow your dispatchers to monitor every ride in real-time and get instant notifications in case of any scheduling exceptions. Get full visibility of every aspect of your operations – from actual mileage figures to driver and passenger behaviour or trends and breakdown of transportation costs – with Magenta’s powerful analytics tools.



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