Boost customer service and reduce operational costs with our powerful dynamic route optimisation technology. We help distribution, courier and e-commerce companies maximise their fleet capacity utilisation and flexibly respond to customer’s needs. Magenta’s user-friendly and function-rich customer comms tools and driver apps eliminate the need for phone calls and improve customer service levels.

Automatically assign couriers to delivery jobs

and manage the dynamics of unforeseen changes in real time with ease

Automatically allocate delivery jobs taking into consideration your available resource capacity, delivery areas assigned to individual couriers, booked delivery type (on foot, courier, delivery by car, etc.), drivers and couriers shifts, lunch breaks and other multiple constraints. Quickly automatically re-schedule routes in case of any last-minute changes to the jobs details or new SAP jobs coming in, and update the drivers on their new itinerary in real time.

Plan achievable and cost-effective delivery routes

and cut operational costs by up to 20%

Create optimised routes in seconds, taking into account the delivery time windows, real-time traffic status, known roadworks, speed limits, costs and your current and future available resource capacity. Use Magenta’s delivery planning software to dynamically optimise regular routes or create new routes from scratch.

Ensure two-way communication with drivers in real time

and gain full route status visibility using the driver mobile application

Automatically push job notifications and dynamically optimised schedule changes to couriers via their application, available for iOS and Android. Streamline the delivery workflow by enabling the driver to quickly find the correct item using the Item Scanner. Get recipients’ signatures and ePOD using the photo capture functionality. Track your fleet’s current location in real time and keep your customers automatically updated about ETAs.

Keep your customers updated

via automated SMS/Email notifications or Website Widget

Remind customers about the upcoming delivery and send them accurate ETAs based on the driver’s location and the live traffic status. Enable your customers to track their delivery in real time on a map using Magenta’s Website Widget. Attach signatures of the recipients and photos made by Drivers via ePOD feature.

Get customer feedback

by using Magenta’s Website Widget for delivery feedback collection

Deliver better customer service by resolving any issues immediately after they take place. Upon delivery completion, Magenta’s delivery management solution sends customers an automated email/text message with a request to rate the delivery. By clicking on the link in the message, the users are redirected to the Website Widget, where they can rate the delivery and provide their feedback. These get immediately included in the customer service reports.

Get fleet performance reports

and keep up-to-date on the current and historical status of your operations

Track deliveries on the map in real-time using the tracking data received from the driver application or by linking Magenta delivery planning software with your vehicle tracking system. Monitor ‘Planned vs Actual’ in real time and receive alerts about delays or other exceptions. View reports on deliveries’ timestamps distance and costs. Export reporting data to 3rd party reporting tools using CSV or via open API.


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