At last, a modern mobile taxi app for small private hire companies

05 May 2015

At last, a modern mobile taxi app for medium for small private hire vehicle companies

Booking a taxi via an app today is a doddle isn’t it? You’ve got the Uber, Hailo and GetTaxi options. All easy to use, designer friendly, with mapping, location, response time, payment features all combined in one app – backed by some serious investment and driven by rapidly increasing customer demand.

These apps fuel today’s self-centred expectation of customer service fulfilment – I want, so I want it now. And I want to know how long it will take, where and how much, now!

For private hire taxi firms this is a challenge of game-changing proportions. As the app is becoming the public’s preferred on-demand transportation selection device, then, if you don’t have one, how can you compete? Where can you get an app that is comparable? Well, currently you can’t. Uber, Hailo and GetTaxi certainly won’t help. Their apps are proprietary, central to their future success. Other options in the market are old fashioned and clunky.

However, there is an alternative. One that will enable private hire and taxi companies to compete with the big three, that will offer the same functionality and user friendly design now expected by customers. One that will satisfy and keep existing account customers, whether private or business, allowing an easy switch between the two. And if you add accurate, dynamic calculation of response time that takes into account pre-booked jobs, drivers ETA on current jobs and traffic conditions, then you have a superior suite of customer service features, based upon a unique technology.

Echo, taxi dispatch & private hire car and taxi operational platform designed and delivered by Magenta Technology, the creators of Addison Lee’s Shamrock platform, can now provide an app to all our client’s free-of-charge as part of the subscription service, that will enable them to compete head-on with anyone.

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