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London, January 2008

Addison Lee (, London’s largest minicab, courier, chauffeur and coach company is now using Magenta Technology’s dynamic scheduling tool to optimise the allocation of their drivers and passenger cars to customer jobs. After using the new solution for only one month, Addison Lee have already completed an additional 1,000 jobs per week, as well as seeing better fleet utilisation, and this is only the start of expected benefits.

Addison Lee continually strive to look after their two most important resources, their customers and their drivers, as well as taking responsibility for the environment very seriously. Using Magenta’s dynamic scheduler, Addison Lee expect to be able to increase the number of Jobs fulfilled in 2008 by 10% and at the same time still meet their target for cutting emissions in 2008 by 6%. The new tool also enables Addison Lee to consider and meet the mini cab drivers’ personal requirements and to provide an even higher level of service to new and existing customers.

Addison Lee chose Magenta’s Scheduler for its ability to dynamically schedule new mini cab jobs in real time in an effective and intelligent way. Magenta’s solution schedules passenger orders as they are taken, reacting to car positions, driver and customer preferences and other real world events to ensure maximum utilisation, trip efficiency and customer service.

Liam Griffin, Managing Director of Addison Lee, stated “Having already successfully worked with Magenta to implement the Shamrock booking solution we were confident that the initial results from the new Magenta scheduler would be good. However they are even better than we expected. Our existing car controllers, who have been scheduling mini cabs for over 20 years are surprised and impressed with the scheduler’s performance and this is proof in itself of a successful result. I am certain that in 2008 Addison Lee will build on this initial success to achieve groundbreaking results in vehicle scheduling and customer service.”

Frank Lee, Executive Chairman of Magenta Technology, added “I am extremely pleased that we were given the opportunity to implement Magenta’s dynamic scheduler at Addison Lee. The fast moving mini-cab business shows our unique scheduling capability at its best in terms of improved efficiency and customer service. We are confident that the cost benefits the new solution will provide Addison Lee in 2008 will be significant. Magenta looks forward to working with Addison Lee on other leading-edge dynamic scheduling applications for the transportation industry and helping them to extend their market leadership.”

About Magenta Technology
Magenta Technology is a UK-based company whose road transportation industry solutions have been connecting users with efficient technology since 1999. Magenta has applied its competence in multi-agent technology to solve complex and unique transport and logistics scheduling problems in real time. Magenta used all its experience and domain knowledge to develop its intelligent Routing and Scheduling Software. It made the cutting-edge technologies available not only for blue chip market leaders but for business of all sizes.

Easy to use but massively configurable this software has usability at its heart. Everything has been designed to make human interactions easier, with simple drag-and-drop and intuitive interfaces for the PC and smartphone to keep your mobile workforce informed and in control at all times.

However, easy to use doesn’t mean lack of functionality. Our operational platform with a dynamic real-time scheduling and dispatch engine has rich functionality, regular upgrades and can be customized to meet your company’s particular requirements.

About Addison Lee
Addison Lee Plc was established in 1975 and has grown to be the market leader in moving people and parcels in London – for corporate clients and individuals. Addison Lee has been built on service with over 1500 vehicles enabling them to offer a twenty minute on-demand service in central London for both car and courier services. Addison Lee’s 450 plus office staff helping to support those on the road include customer service agents and our driver liaison department who ensure that Addison Lee’s high standards are maintained.

Addison Lee was the first company in the industry to be awarded both the ISO 9002 and Investors in People accreditations. Addison Lee has been largely involved in setting the criteria for private hire car trade in London which has recently become licenced, with many of their working practices being adopted by the legislation.

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