Online Dynamic Customer Reporting Solution

Business Objective
CitySprint is one of the leading UK courier companies. It has a prestigious customer base which demands excellent service. It is essential therefore that their customers have full visibility of the service levels they are receiving. CitySprint need to provide regular, accurate, custom reports in formats configured especially for their customers.

Customer Challenge
The customer needed an easy to use flexible reporting solution that enabled:

  • Easy data access and data retrieval;
  • Ability to customise reports (data and formatting);
  • Reduced dependency on the IT department;
  • Improved accuracy of data for better decision making;
  • Reports to be generated more quickly;
  • Improved customer service levels and increased competitive edge.

Magenta’s Solution
Magenta implemented a unique reporting solution that was easy to use and allowed the customer to extract enterprise data at any time, at any one of their office locations.

This solution contained:

  • Browser based reporting for easy access from office/home/customer site;
  • User configurable, flexible reporting;
  • E-billing – allowing customer formatted e-invoices;
  • Users own library of configured reports.

Customer Results
The implementation of Magenta’s new reporting system has led to some key benefits for CitySprint including:

    • A significant reduction in the time taken and resources required to produce reports,

    • Improved customer service levels:
    • Customers receive reports in the format they want when they want;
    • Improved decision making through better more accurate information;
    • A flexible reporting structure which can grow as the business grows.

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