Magenta’s dynamic Shared Rides Technology is a winner of the UK Fleet Champions Awards 2022

In last night’s UK Fleet Champions Awards 2022, hosted by Brake, the road safety charity, our Shared Rides Technology won the Sustainable Journeys Award!

A huge thank-you to Drivetech for sponsoring this award that celebrates companies and products aimed at improving road safety and reducing pollution, in Magenta’s case through enabling active and shared travel, and by improved journey routing.

It is a testament to the fantastic work done by our team in the last couple of years, and to the vision, dedication and creativity that went into building a software platform that is saving the planet not one, but multiple journeys at a time, while also saving on the costs of transport operations for our users.

About Magenta Technology

Magenta Technology is an established, award winning provider of end-to-end dynamic real time scheduling and optimisation solutions for the ground transportation industry, with 20+ years of experience through work with 350+ customers all over the world, including Emirates Airline, Addison Lee, Terravision, Transdev, AVIS, Carey International and other prominent players of the market.

Magenta’s unique innovative optimisation technology and true real-time, dynamic scheduling and dispatching solutions allow transportation suppliers to provide high quality services whilst maximising capacity and productivity, minimising operating costs and enhancing revenues. Both ‘booked in advance’ and ‘on demand’ services are continuously optimised to automatically control operations with the minimum amount of human intervention:

  • based on operational priorities of the transportation network (customer service levels vs costs vs fleet configuration);
  • with passengers’ and drivers’ preferences and requirements in mind;
  • with ability to combine separately booked journeys into shared rides, where possible;
  • enabling end-to-end automation of booking management and dispatch processes.

You can find out why their A.I. optimisation and scheduling platform has been a UK Fleet Champions and Fleet Hero Award winner at

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