It’s about innovation, not simply automation.

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By Matt Borland | Marketing Executive | Magenta Technology

Having worked in various SaaS industries over the last few years, I’m familiar with the notion of customer demand shaping the development of a business’s product. Automation, ladies and gentlemen, is the name of the game here – taking a manual work process and finding a way of removing the human components as much as possible. The main question businesses seem to ask themselves when tackling this sort of development is, “Why are we doing this?”

The various answers given, I’m sure, are ones that every marketer, product developer, salesman – in fact anyone who has worked in a tech based industry is familiar with: revenue generation through the combination of a reduced workflow, and increased automation which in-turn raising productivity. Lots of companies seem to deem this sort of automation as innovative. Take the private hire industry as an example, and its archaic reliance on the ‘zones and queues’ allocation process.

For years, companies have been developing software that has automated an inherently ‘analogue’ method of working, taking the manual planning process of drivers being allocated bookings based on what zone and queue that had been assigned for that day, and creating software that automated it for them. The argument could be made that these companies have innovated the way in which their customers now work, simply by taking something that was done manually and replacing it with something automated. I would argue, however, that these companies are wrong. My reasoning for this is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what question they – as a company – should have been asking themselves. It’s not a question of, ‘Why are we doing this?’ but instead, ‘How can we do this better?’ It’s about innovation, not simply automation.

This is where a company like Magenta Technology takes the opportunity to stand out from its competitors, by offering, not just an automated version of an outdated booking method, but an entire revaluation of what that process should look like in the first place. We’ve done away with the fundamentally flawed idea of allocating through the system of zones and queues. Instead, as Magenta Technology’s Business Development Director Torsten Brose puts it, we offer the unique perspective of allowing you to “see your fleet as the living breathing resource that it is.” This change in outlook has allowed Magenta to develop software that is constantly adapting to be an efficient and productive solution, considering real life road conditions, customer priorities, driver ability and the overall fleet capacity. With Magenta’s BI (Business Intelligence) dashboards, we allow you to see exactly what positive impacts you’ve made to the autonomics system.

Magenta helps you to:

  • Offer your clients real, dynamic arrival times on pick-ups
  • · Understand exactly what capacity of bookings you can manage at any given time
  • Remove the painfully ineffective approach of guesswork and static delays

We’re not simply ‘increasing productivity’ by automating the way you used to work. We’re breeding new productivity by redefining how you work. It’s why we are the best dispatch software on the market today, because we chose to innovate, not simply automate.

Matt Borland | Magenta Technology |

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