Who We Are; What We Do

Magenta Technology is a revolutionary dispatch automation technology provider. Our ‘Autonomics’ dispatch engine is the only system on the market that can truly think for itself; optimising your vehicles and drivers as the living breathing resource it is. Supported by leading-edge technology and an expert team we represent the future for forward thinking operators that want to future proof their business in these challenging times.

Imagine a World Where....

Our software is unique in that it allows you to plan in a reactive way that maximises your return on investment and gives you the opportunity to make the most of the resources you have. To put this into real life terms let’s imagine a world where....


You can give arrival times based on real traffic conditions and driver availability. No more guess work or static delays.


You can change allocation priorities at the touch of a button; whether the changes relate to weather, traffic or a special event. The changes, and associated results, are immediately visible.


You have fine control over your operation via a smart user interface which allows you to see the impact of operational changes in real time.

Features & Functionality

At the heart of our offering sits our ‘autonomics’ engine. Great technology, an innovative user interface and live dashboards allows you to see the impact of busines changes and fine tune productivity at different times of the day/week. Here’s why what Magenta has today is a game changer for today’s private hire and taxi fleet operators.


Get centralised visibility of all customer & driver issues; keep a log of what’s going on; advanced reporting functionality.


Track customer behaviour; tailor offers; improve retention & increase revenue.


Dispatch automation that makes a difference; do more with the resources you have; show an actual ROI with dashboards & interactive UX design.


Use your data to influence driver behaviour. Maximize driver earnings & improve retention. Drivers get optimum return; you get the resources you need at the times you need it most.

Our Company Values – Making Magenta Strong

We have four core value that sit at the heart of everything we do. They are what makes us strong as a business, keep us committed as a team, and drive our software forward in today’s challenging market.

Our commitment to you is that we’ll be your technology partner, not just a software provider.


Our 100+ strong development team looks beyond the taxi industry for solutions that deliver value and results. Our forward thinking nature means that innovation sits at the heart of all that we do.


Dispatch planning solutions are not all the same. We can deliver value, return on investment , significantly increase productivity, improve driver retention and help you and your teams to improve knowledge and facilitate customer growth.


Our advanced dispatch planning technology delivers easy integration with other systems and companies, giving you peace of mind and great results. In addition our commitment to collaboration between our customers and our team stands head and shoulders above that offered by our competitors.


We will support you when others don’t. Any operational change can be daunting but our experienced team are on hand on to support you on every step of your journey.

Learn Why Our Solution Matters

“Thanks to the Magenta’s platform, we are poised to scale our business volume up by 50 to 100 per cent, which will deliver substantial bottom line results.”
— Hamish Phillipps, Marketing Maestro of Greentomatocars

Meet Magenta Technology

We are a forward-thinking software company that likes to do things differently. We have something very special – our ‘autonomics’ engine is the only system on the market that can offer you a truly dynamic solution to managing your fleet as one integrated resource. In addition, our capacity management, dynamic delay, award winning app based functionality and revolutionary data analysis tools complete the package, enabling us to offer operators a complete solution that delivers real benefits.