Increase the efficiency of support vehicles’ utilisation with Magenta’s tailored solution for the mining, oil & gas industries. Ensure every vehicle arrives on location, on time to perform its part of the work and quickly assign ad-hoc requests. Streamline communications with drivers, contractors and dispatchers via mobile apps and web services and ensure that you don’t miss a thing with our powerful monitoring and reporting tools.

Simplify support vehicle booking

with an easy-to-use web-portal for operators and supervisors

Give the operators the opportunity to book the necessary transport or the entire technological process with just a few clicks. All incoming requests are sent for approval to the supervisors’ dashboard, where they can quickly confirm and prioritise them.

Quickly assign transport to jobs

by using Technological Process Designer and job scheduling tools

Technological Process Designer allows the ability to set up the parameters of each technological process, such as the sequence of operations, their interdependence, duration and types of equipment required to perform the jobs. That speeds up the assignment of vehicles and eliminates the mistakes. Some of the technological processes that can be described via Technological Process Designer tool:

  • Well servicing & workover engineers management
  • Well treatment
  • Transportation of petroleum-containing fluids
  • Oil wells dewaxing
  • Loading and unloading operations
  • Oil well drilling
  • Drinking water delivery

Increase transport utilisation and reduce idle time

through accurate allocation of jobs and route optimisation

The software automatically allocates vehicles to jobs with the consideration of their priorities, process flow charts, vehicle requirements, site and transport locations and other parameters. That results in optimised schedules, which means vehicles arrive on site on time, do not stand idle and operations run smoothly.

Quickly assign transport to ASAP jobs

update schedules with just a few clicks

Magenta’s support vehicle management software suggests the best transport to perform emergency tasks, taking into account availability of resources, real-time status of operations and current location of the vehicles. Our software notifies the relevant drivers about their new jobs by sending updated schedules to their mobile application.


Plan routes for driving at any facility

and at any time of year

Magenta’s advanced route planning technology works with widespread geo-services, including OSRM, Google, Here, TomTom, PTV, and also allows users to add maps of industrial roads and closed areas. The software considers seasonal accessibility of the roads and transportation capabilities. That ensures the planned routes are achievable in real life.

Ensure two-way communication with drivers in real time

and gain full job status visibility using the driver mobile application

Automatically push job notifications and schedule changes to drivers via their mobile application. The Mobile App collects data about everything that happens while on the route and sends it in real-time to the dispatcher. That provides full visibility at every stage and ensures effective real-time management.

  • Real-time schedule updates
  • GPS-navigation
  • Photo-capture feature
  • ePOD functionality
  • Data for ‘plan vs fact’ monitoring module sent to the back-office

Keep all relevant participants updated

via automated SMS/Email notifications or Website Widget

Inform operators and contractors about statuses of the bookings and send them accurate ETAs based on the driver’s location and the live traffic status. Enable them to track their arrival in real time on a map using Magenta’s Website Widget.


Get insights on where, when and how vehicles were utilised

and make cooperation with contractors more transparent

Control the efficiency of operations through powerful reporting tools.The “Plan vs fact” module lets dispatchers monitor operations in real-time and get automated alerts about any deviations from the planned schedule. The Reporting module generates data on actual jobs, actual time the vehicle was utilised, mileage, drivers’ performance and quality of jobs.



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