Increase your debt collection field agents’ productivity by up to 30%, and improve the efficiency of home visits by planning optimized job schedules and empowering the field team with the right tools and up-to-date information.

Maximize the number of interactions with debtors

by planning optimized schedules of calls and visits

Improve team performance by increasing the efficiency of your agent’s job schedules. Magenta field debt collection software automatically plans activities considering:

  • portfolio of clients, assigned to each field collection agent
  • debtors’ availability, depending on the type of address (work / home)
  • multifaceted priorities of visits
  • calls, assignments and other activities for each agent
  • location and remoteness of the debt collection areas

Get performance and mileage reports, control job execution in ‘planned vs fact’ mode.

Optimize agents’ routes

so they spend more time doing their job and less time getting stuck in traffic

The software builds efficient routes, taking into account road conditions, known roadworks, locations of the borrowers and the agent’s home address. This allows them to start doing their job immediately as they leave home for their shift, and ultimately visit more debtors.

Improve the efficiency of visits

by sending the full debtor’s history to the field agent via their mobile application

Help field debt collectors be prepared for each visit by providing them with all required information via their mobile application:

  • debtor’s personal information
  • collection and payment history
  • promissory notes
  • other required documents

All data collected and registered by the field agent is automatically sent to the bank’s back-end system, meaning no paper and no data loss.

Ensure real-time visibility of collection operations

get insights from data received via the agent’s mobile collection app

Get a snapshot of all collection activities and receive alerts about any deviations and unforeseen events and outcomes:

  • view status of assigned visits
  • track location of field debt collection agents on the map
  • receive information about outcomes of the visits: agreed payment timelines, debtors signatures, photos of documents, etc.
  • control KPIs: number of visits planned vs actual, time spent with each customer, field agent’s time usage, etc.

Magenta debt collection software automatically generates reports for dispatchers and managers to minimise paperwork and maximise capacity of the available team of debt collectors.

Streamline data exchange between collection departments

by integrating Magenta debt collection software with your other systems

Magenta software seamlessly integrates with core banking systems, CRM solutions, etc, to ensure safe real-time data transfer, and enable instant access to the collection operations data for managers.

Improve debtor experience

by sending them automated messages before and after the agent’s visit

Notify borrowers about the field agent’s visit and send them follow up notifications via text message or email about the results of the visit.


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