Reduce cash-in-transit operating costs whilst increasing the CIT team’s productivity with Magenta’s cash-in-transit management software. Generate optimised routes in a matter of seconds, update them in real-time in order to respond to customers needs and control the service levels.

Plan optimized routes for Cash-in-Transit (CIT) teams

and update them in real-time upon the customers’ requests

Magenta’s CIT management solution builds optimised collection routes taking into consideration many constraints. That helps to reduce logistics costs and ensures high productivity of CIT teams. Some of the requirements that are taken into account:

  • encashment time windows (up to 15 minutes)
  • transport requirements (enhanced protection, limitations of bags, cassettes, etc.)
  • special territory admission rules
  • traffic information, roadworks and speed limits
  • time needed for pre-trip inspection and check up
  • maximum length of the route
  • the duration of service time of each collection point
  • working schedule of the CIT crew

The dynamiс optimisation technology enables real-time update of the schedules. That is why it becomes possible to add new collection points and change the collection time, even if the CIT team is already on its route.

Automatically calculate cash transportation costs for new customers

and find the best spot for new collection points in the route

The cost prediction tool calculates the transportation costs for each new collection point and the cost of the route, after it has been changed. The software considers direct and indirect costs, such as:

  • new route length
  • fuel consumption
  • the changes in working time, including the duration of pre-trip briefing, time needed to receive and give up guns at the beginning and end of the shift

The software suggests the best location for a new collection point in the route based on the condition of maximum efficiency.

Let customers know the accurate arrival time of the CIT team

by sending them automated text messages or email notifications

The software calculates the ETA based on the real-time traffic information, location of the cash-in-transit team and statuses of assigned jobs. Here are some of the notification scenarios available:

  • the customer request was approved and added into the schedule
  • the CIT team departed from the previous job
  • N-minutes before the arrival

Optimise cash collection operations on site

with the help of the CIT team mobile app

The mobile app for the cash-in-transit team helps the crew work effectively in the field. The app automatically sends the data, collected on site, to the dispatcher’s Control Module. That enables full visibility of operations.

  • Step-by-step navigation
  • Photo capture functionality
  • Control of the bar codes of bags and cassettes
  • Possibility to transfer digital ATM key details to the mobile application used by the Cash Transportation Officer

Monitor cash collection operations

and get real-time alerts about any emergency situations

Magenta monitors the location of vehicles, status of the jobs, and informs the dispatcher about any emergency situations, for example when:

  • the vehicle stopped in the wrong location
  • the alarm button went off
  • the engine shut off
  • the door of the vehicle was opened in the wrong place

The software records the actions taken by the crew members in emergency situations and adds that data to the emergency reports. The Reporting tool generates reports on daily routes, performance of the teams, actual mileage of the vehicles.


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