Magenta software helps banks maintain their ATM networks on time and with less operational resources. The engine automatically assigns ad hoc and scheduled visits, helps service engineers and supervisors work effectively on site and provides full visibility of operations. All that ensures permanent and proper functioning of ATMs andas a result first-class service for the banks’ customers.

Assign right jobs to right people

with Magenta’s resource allocation feature

Allocate tasks to service engineers and supervisors based on the type of jobs (repair or inspection visit), their priority (regular or ad-hoc), type of equipment, required skill set, maintenance and inspection schedules, assigned operational areas.

Let your employees quickly get on site by planning optimised routes. The software takes into account type transport (corporate or public), employees’ job schedules and lunch breaks, real-time traffic information, speed limits and other data. Following these routes, engineers and supervisors will spend less time driving and more time doing their jobs.

Quickly respond to emergency jobs

update schedules with just a few clicks

Magenta’ ATM maintenance software suggests the best service engineers to perform ad-hoc jobs, taking into account their current location and real-time status of operations. The software notifies the relevant employees about their new jobs by sending updated schedules to their mobile application.

Improve the efficiency of operations on site

by providing employees with iOS & Android mobile app

Help your field employees become more efficient by using a mobile app. The app streamlines communications with dispatchers, optimises job completion on-site and automatically records and sends to the back-office any updates on actual timestamps for arrival on site, departure and other information.

  • ATM identification through barcode scanning feature
  • Check-lists to follow for standardised ATM service activities
  • Automated recording of spare parts used
  • Photo capture functionality
  • Real-time data exchange with the back-office and reporting

Have full real-life visibility of operations

monitor your field agents in real-time and get KPI reports

Monitor your mobile workforce’s current location, job status and get live alerts on any delays. Receive proof-of-delivery details sent to the back-office from each site:

  • photos to confirm job has been completed
  • customers’ signatures
  • lists of spare parts used
  • site notes

Get performance and mileage reports, gather statistics on average maintenance duration, control job execution in ‘planned vs fact’ mode.


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