What we do

Pioneers in dynamic scheduling

Our Corporate Strategy

To maintain our leadership role in the provision of dynamic scheduling systems. To build great software that enables our customers to:

  1. realise significantly higher utilization of their assets
  2. deliver superior customer service at a lower cost

We will give our customers competitive advantage and higher margins while guiding them through the complexities of an increasingly unpredictable world.


For instance, in the field of logistics and scheduling, our technology doesn’t just pre-plan delivery routes based on your orders. It constantly looks at all the jobs and all the variables in real-time, assessing and reassessing the best outcome, making 10,000 decisions a second to find it.


It means being able to reroute or reassign a job at the last minute to take account of a new customer request, or a traffic accident – or, crucially, to optimise a drivers earnings or reduce the companies.

For private hire and minicab firms, it means retaining your best drivers — and your best customers, because your drivers spend less time waiting for the next job and your customers spend less time wondering where you are.

For field service and delivery companies, it means you can grow your business rapidly with the same operational resources at the centre. Some of the jobs that Maxoptra demolishes in the blink of an eye would take dozens of even your best controllers. Because no matter how intelligent and experienced your staff are, human operators simply can’t wrestle neverending variables and situational changes into the best overall schedule for the company in anything like the same time. What seems like the perfect short-term fix could have a knock-on effect later on in the day (or even the week) that increases company costs. Over time, these small decisions can add up to considerable costs, both actual – (eg petrol & labour costs) and in lost opportunities (eg, customers who get their orders on time will keep using you, customers who don’t will drop you like a stone). Our clients across all industries regularly see savings of at least 20%.

Ultimately, whatever industry we serve, the end results and aims are always the same:

  • Get a rapid return on your investment
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Develop a happy workforce
  • Grow your business

That’s the theory. Here’s the proof.

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