From the beginning, Magenta Technology was formed to apply leading edge technology to common business problems with three key aims always in mind:

Do more with your available resources

Make life easier for our customers (and our customers’ customers)

Deliver rapid return on investment

A brief timeline

  • 1999 Founded by a team of computer scientists using a revolutionary new programming approach – Multi AGENT Applications – hence the name Magenta.
  • 1999 – 2002 We develop our unique multi-agent technology, proving its ability to solve complex, previously intractable problems. Using market forces and micro-economics, rather than mathematical or rule-based algorithms, we build practical solutions to real world issues. It’s a powerful approach and we apply it to a wide number of different sectors and problems.
  • 2005 We start to focus primarily on the transport and logistics sector.
  • 2006 We start implementing world-leading dynamic scheduling solutions across a variety of leading logistics companies including Addison Lee, Tankers International, Avis Rent a Car and Gist.
  • 2010 Strategically we decide to bring the benefits of our technologies, previously available for blue chip players only, to the wider market and present Magenta software in product form.
  • 2012 we launch new product lines:
    • A highly customisable end-to-end solutions for private car hire business and patient transportation (Echo, PTS)
    • Easily implemented off-the-shelf products offered on the Software as a Service model offered to variety of transport logistics sectors including distribution and field services. (Maxoptra)


Magenta Technology is a leading provider of real-time dynamic planning, scheduling and dispatch solutions for flagship players of the transportation industry. We help companies do more business with the same resources at a lower operational cost. When you use our logistics software, you gain a clear competitive advantage and will soon see demonstrable bottom line results.

Magenta is a UK-based, privately-held company, with 100+ staff worldwide incorporating hundreds of man-years of development spent on establishing world leadership in the transportation sector. Today, through online SaaS subscriptions, our technology helps clients manage over 10,000 fleet vehicles internationally – in UK, USA, Spain, Portugal, Russia and France.



Our primary business strategy is to accelerate growth within those specific worldwide markets where we have identified that dynamic, real-time scheduling is a critical factor in delivering customer satisfaction and profit and where, by deploying our unique Multi-Agent Technology, we can enable our clients to solve complex logistical challenges and gain a demonstrable competitive edge. We will also keep identifying new niche markets where we can develop additional opportunities and take market leadership.

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