Echo private hire system team

(London Heathrow Marriott Hotel, 29 September 2016)

London, 31 August 2016: Magenta Technology will be attending the annual roadshow of the Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) in London this September. Showcasing the Echo cloud based private hire and taxi dispatch system, the Magenta team will give attendees the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ with the most advanced auto allocation solution on the market. Already in use within minicab and private hire operations across the country, Echo is helping users achieve a 97 percent automatic dispatch rate – saving time and improving efficiency through more effective job allocation.

“Organisations such as the LPHCA do a lot of good for the industry, and it is therefore important that we support their campaigns and help promote best practice for the good of both the travelling public and private hire operators,” commented Torsten Brose, Echo Business Development Director at Magenta Technology. “The annual road show is also a great opportunity to showcase our advanced auto allocation solution, customisable mobile apps, business intelligence systems and third party integrations, to operators from around the UK and Europe.”

The Echo platform features the most advanced auto allocation functionality on the market, guaranteeing immediate, more accurate job distribution. Users of Echo report an automatic job allocation rate of more than 97 percent, which has a huge impact on streamlining job distribution, reducing wasted mileage and improving the customer experience. By choosing the fully automatic mode based on the dynamic real-time scheduling and dispatch engine, the intelligent auto allocation technology optimises the vehicle fleet as one resource, moving away from the traditional zone or queue planning model which often results in unfair and inefficient work allocation for drivers.

In addition to the auto allocation module, Magenta will also be showcasing a range of Echo customer booking apps which allow passengers to book, track and pay for journeys via a smartphone or other mobile device. Fully customisable, Magenta offers an end to end app service, including branding, publishing, store search optimisation, support and maintenance, allowing operators to focus on delivering on their promise.


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About LPHCA: The Licensed Private Hire Car Association is a trade association established to represent the interests of Licensed Taxi and Private Hire vehicle operators that take pre-bookings. Indirectly, the Association also represents the interests of around 15,000 of its members’ drivers. The LPHCA campaigns on behalf of the industry and members of the travelling public, promotes safe travel and provides quality assurance through benchmarking of standards. The LPHCA also provides assistance to the travelling public with advice before, during and after travelling, and supports commercial organisations seeking reliable taxi and private hire service providers. For further information, visit

A cutting-edge private hire car and cab operational platform designed and delivered by Magenta Technology, the creators of Addison Lee’s Shamrock platform, Echo is second-to-none in delivering the highest on-demand customer service at the lowest cost.

With superior feature rich functionality and proprietary auto allocation technology, Echo provides full visibility of every vehicle in real time, ensuring drivers can be punctual, with less waiting time – thereby increasing customer satisfaction, driver earnings and their loyalty.

Echo is a division of Magenta Technology.

Magenta’s scheduling solutions manage over 10,000 fleet vehicles worldwide every day. Customers include Carrot Cars, Greentomatocars, Blackberry cars, eConnect Cars, Longleys, and Avis Car Rental.

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