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Magenta’s scheduling solution now automatically schedules 80% of Gist’s customer orders and dynamically re-plans the schedule, reacting to unexpected events and dealing with multiple logistics constraints and complexities.

Business Objective
Gist is one of the UK’s largest supply chain logistics specialists, whose primary business consists of:

Gist was looking for an Order Management and Real Time Scheduling Solution to be able to automatically schedule and optimise orders, minimise the planners’ workload and maximise their own fleet. Having searched the market and realising they were unable to find software that could cope with the complex dynamics of their transportation domain, Gist commissioned Magenta to deliver such a solution.

Customer Challenge
Gist transports a variety of goods throughout the UK using a fixed set of routes. They were looking to:

Maxoptra Solution
The task undertaken by Magenta was to introduce a ‘control tower’ to automate routine manual decisions and provide a collaboration platform from which information could be shared along the entire supply chain with Gist’s customers, suppliers and depot network. Magenta developed a highly customised scheduling solution using proven components to meet Gist’s complex scheduling requirements. The delivered solution was able to provide:

Using Magenta’s scheduling solution Gist has been able to achieve the following key results:

Gist’s 5,000 employees operate out of 35 locations, providing a full range of intellectual and asset-based business offerings in the UK and continental Europe..

Gist’s customers (including Dairy Crest, Marks & Spencer, Young’s Seafood and Dutch Flower Group) operate in a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors, including grocery, electronics and gas.