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Business Objective
One Network based in Dallas provides planning, execution, and business intelligence applications built on a federated cloud computing platform. Committed to embrace, not replace, existing technology, One Network enables companies to achieve unprecedented visibility and collaboration that supports synchronised end-to-end business processes, improved insight, and better decision-making.

Customer Challenge
One Network needed to cleverly blend local development management with off-shore development in order to get the most cost efficient and game changing solution into the market. To accomplish this, the Dallas organisation needed to drive the entire product life cycle for the cloud platform and core application design, development, QA and deployment. Within these product milestones there are many non-core development activities that consume time and resources. These non-core areas are ideal for off-shoring to the right organisation; one that can closely collaborate with One Network on its core application deliverables:

Magenta’s Solution
Magenta work closely with One Network to design and operate an off-shore team of highly skilled professional developers and QA engineers to:

Customer Results
Over the last 5 years Magenta have assisted One Network in implementing more than 15 development projects. Magenta’s reliable and cost efficient service has allowed One Network to focus its in-house development team on the most challenging core aspects of the SaaS platform and applications, without having the burden of developing all of the non-core components.