Why software is a lot like pasta

If you’ve had the fortune, like many, to have experienced pasta made in a quaint restaurant off the beaten track in the Italian countryside, you’ll appreciate that sometimes the best things in life are often the simplest.

…com BOOM !!

Those of us who suffer from insomnia consider it a vile and frustrating ailment causing us to be simultaneously utterly fatigued and almost manic in our inability to shut off our brains.

Technology development vs operational need

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to spend time working as both gamekeeper and poacher in the fields of logistic operations and technology, specifically the taxi and courier industry.

Social Media – embrace it or ignore it? You decide!

Let me start by explaining that not everyone who works in IT is a nerd or a techie. Some couldn’t care less about bits and bytes and code syntax or even playing GTA V on the latest and greatest games console.

Over 100% capacity…The morality of the surge charge

I have had a couple of spats lately with my esteemed colleagues in the private hire industry who seem incensed about Uber surge changing on the inevitable train strike days that are currently plaguing London.

The payment prognosis

If you live in the city and use taxis regularly, it’s pretty likely that you haven’t called a company recently to order a cab or even spoken to anyone about cabs.

Meet the new girl Jinny

So we have new girl called Jinny, who joined us recently and helps book and manage the requests we get for taxis. She’s very efficient, never gets it wrong and is even great at chatting with people while taking the bookings.

Magenta Technology Prepares for 2017 Success

Following a successful 2016, Magenta Technology, the company behind the market’s most innovative private hire and taxi dispatch platform, is preparing for a period of substantial expansion in 2017.

Whose data is it anyway?

Ever had difficulty getting hold of your own data, building reports that you need to run your business or finding a way to test pricing models before you take the plunge? If you have, you make up the vast majority of private hire companies in the industry.


Magenta Celebrates Echo Environmental Awards Success

Magenta Technology, the company behind the Echo cloud-based private hire and taxi dispatch platform, is celebrating a double award success.